Posted by: radioblaster | April 7, 2011

i’m twitter famous!

so on my Twitter account, i mostly use it to follow celebrities and NHL notables, plus a few friends and similar.  i don’t really muse on it much because it’s well likened to shouting into the darkness and hoping somebody is listening, but it’s fun to follow none the less.  i was watching my beloved Dallas Stars lose to the Phoenix Coyotes last week, and all of a sudden Ryan Hollweg comes onto the screen, with his filthy mustache. i harbor some badwill toward him because of his dirty play, particularly on Alex Pieterangelo back when he only was a few games into his NHL career.  fun fact: Pieterangelo is 20, and already has more points in the NHL than Hollweg ever will.

Anyway, this Hollweg character started a twitter account.  so i figured i’d let him know what i felt about him:

@TheStache15, you are a dirty player, a disgrace to the league and should make a living flipping burgers where you cant board people.

and he re-tweeted!

got a few interesting replies back….mostly critiquing my watermelon hat/old work uniform/being a keyboard commando from the other side of the world. but these are memories i’m going to cherish forever! never have i had such a brush with twitter-fame.

i was actually thinking yesterday about how i consider Twitter much more of a new age PR tool rather than a social networking tool. i don’t have a social network on twitter. and very rarely do “celebrities” (i only say celebrities loosely cause of my hatred of this Ryan character) reply to every single tweet, as opposed to where if someone writes on your Facebook wall you’re most certainly going to write back.  so on that point, i’d probably argue Twitter, while a key part of Web 2.0, isn’t really related to social networking.  for instance, if it’s called a ‘microblogging tool’, you don’t have social networks on blogs. you have networks. grouping Facebook with Twitter, in my opinion, doesn’t really fly anymore. not since more and more notable celebs like Charlie Sheen have started their own Twitter pages.

give the people what they want and you won’t have to worry about the paparazzi!  i’ll have a look and see if there’s any experts who agree with my opinion – could be useful at some point in some essay i’m sure i’ll write.



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